Clear Water Disinfectants and Purifiers

cognition :
This device has been made and registered as a national invention in order to increase safety and health in swimming pool spaces, ordinary drinking water and public swimming. By creating a Great Wall field with alternating voltages and by using alloys such as copper, silver and…, it disinfects a large volume water tank such as pool water. (Artificial lakes) can be produced.

How the device works and its features:
This device disinfects all the water in the tank and the purification and heating system by passing through its Great Wall field using special alloys and successive alternating voltages (920 different voltages per second) and all the single cell cells. Completely eliminates existing microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. This is also important in that it significantly reduces chlorine consumption by up to one-third in public pools.
On the one hand, because the consumption of chlorine causes diseases and disorders in the field of skin, hair loss and eye corneal irritation, and on the other hand, due to the reasonable price and return of the device due to significant reduction of chlorine and also very easy and free installation Device throughout Iran, this device can be a good option in the first stage of the pool treatment system.


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